Adult Swimming Lessons

Staying active has no age limit. This is the same for learning how to swim! Don’t let your age stop you from learning. Swimming is an important life skill that can come in handy in many situations, such as participating in water sports, saving a life and many more.

Programme Information

Our Adult Swimming Lessons are customised according to an adult’s
learning progress, needs and swimming proficiency. Based on your swimming proficiency, the swimming lessons will be tailored to suit you and help you achieve your goal. We employ our unique coaching system to help you pick up swimming skills efficiently.


45 minutes

Who Is Suitable To Attend

There is no age limit. However, for individual that has underlying medical conditions (E.g. Asthma), we highly recommend a doctor’s opinion to be sought first prior to registration.

How much it cost

$240 for 12 lessons, excluding a one-time registration fee of $40.

Each person will receive a complimentary SmileSwimmers’ Starter Kit that contains a swim cap, goggles board, and smileswimmers bag to kickstart one of the milestones in their life.

Cater To Individual's Fitness Goal


No swimming experience? No worries. At Smile Swimmers, we have lessons designed for beginners with no experience with swimming, helping you to pick up the neccessary skills and techniques.


For our intermediate adult swimming lessons, it is designed for swimmers who have acquired the fundamental swimming skills and technique. This programme is to sharpen your skills and bring your skills to the next level.


Are you preparing for your upcoming competitive swim or even a triathlon? Our advanced adult swimming lessons aim to help you prepare for a more challenging swim, such as open water swimming.

Why You Should Learn Swimming

Cardiovascular Health

Swimming is one of the best form of exercise to build your overall cardiovascular health and stamina. It help you builds endurance, muscle strength, maintaining a healthy heart and lungs.

Important Survival Skill

Learning to swim gives you the ability to survive in water. If the water is deeper than your height, and you find yourself in it, knowing how to swim could save your life or the life of others.

Recharge Mind & Body

A swim in the pool on a hot day can help you feel relaxed and physically fit. It is the perfect way to unwind after a busy day and swimming is the ideal 'feel good' exercise perfect for everyone of all ages.

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Meet The Swimming Instructor

Coach Kidd has been coaching swimming classes since 2005. Smile Swimmers is built on his strong passion for swimming and hoping to impart his knowledge about the sports to children of all ages.


  • Diploma in Baby Swimming – Birthlight UK
  • Austswim (Infant & Preschool Aquatics)
  • Diploma of Baby Swimming (Denmark)
  • ASCA LEVEL 1 , 2 & 3 


  • National Coaching Accreditation Programme (NCAP) Certification
  • SwimSafer™ Instructor Certification
  • Singapore Swimming Teacher’s Association (STA) Certification
  • Singapore Teacher Association UK Baby & Toddler
  • Australian Strength & Conditioning Association (ASCA) Level 1, 2 and 3
  • American Swimming Coaches Association (ASCA level 1,2,3)

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