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No, adult swimming classes are designed for all skill levels, from beginners to more advanced swimmers. The classes are tailored to your individual needs and abilities.
Babies can start from 3 months old onwards.
Yes, the public pools are clean and well maintained by the singapore sports council and regularly checked by the NEA. Babies are safe to be in a chlorinated pool unless if you have any serious medical conditions and sensitive skin then you may consult a doctor before you register.
Yes, at least one parent will have to be in the water for the lesson. So parents will know how to teach and practice the skills that you will be learning from the coach. Furthermore you will have fun and enjoy the lesson with your baby, and your baby feel safe with you around.
There will be about 10 babies max, but if the location and class is in demand, there will be about 10-12 babies
Yes, I am a qualified, certified with almost 10 years of experienced specialised in infants and toddlers lessons. I am a Singapore Sports Council Coach, Singapore Teacher association (UK), AUSTSWIM Infant & Preschool Aquatics, Diploma in Denmark (baby swimming).
Not at all – babies can swim before they are vaccinated. Thousands of babies across the world have been taken swimming before being immunised, with no harmful effects.
Yes, many adult swimming classes are specifically designed for individuals who are afraid of the water. The classes are taught by experienced instructors who can help you overcome your fear and become more comfortable in the water.
Swimming is a low-impact exercise that can improve cardiovascular health, build muscle strength and endurance, increase flexibility, and reduce stress. Additionally, learning to swim can provide a valuable skill for water safety and enjoyment of water activities.
As we mostly at public pools, Some of the pools do have tiny changing rooms, most venues have shower facilities, without water heater but it will be better if you could rinse before heading back home.
Due to the popularity of our lessons, yes we have a waiting list so we do encourage you to put your name down.
Either parent (or even grandparents or older brothers & sisters) can join in the fun in the pool, but due to space restrictions and the nature of the course, we can only allow one adult in the water with your child each week; anyone else is welcome to watch from the side. Please note that the person swimming with your child must be a responsible adult.
We run photoshoots at the end of every term, or you also want to try private photo shoots.
We recommend trying to feed your baby 1-2 hours before the swimming lesson. Babies and toddlers can both get hungry after such a good workout, so be prepared to feed them or offer a snack afterwards!
All baby must wear a disposable or reusable swim nappy underneath.
Yes, Coach Kidd is certified with Diploma in Baby Swimming AUSTSWIM Infant & Preschool Aquatics. He is also a swimming coach accredited by local authorities with decades of experience of specialised coaching for baby swimming lessons under his belt.
The swimming strokes taught in summer camp swimming classes may vary depending on the camp's curriculum. However, common strokes taught include freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, and butterfly.
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