Programme Information

HIIT SQUAD (KIDS) is a type of group physical training program conducted by professional fitness trainers designed to help your child build and improve their motor skills, functional strength and fitness, various sports will be conducted each week but our main objective is to focus on individual’s fitness level.

All age group will learn basic physical skills and exercises to improve speed, strength, agility, coordination and balance. For older kids, they will be performing activities with much higher intensity than the younger kids but both age group will learn to work together as a team to help them develop leadership skills.

 Fundamental Movement should start early!


45 minutes

what you need to bring

  • Towel
  • Water bottle

Who Is Suitable To Attend

Our Multi Sport is perfect for children of various age group.

Choose Your Training Style

So you don’t have to worry we’ve got it all covered! Our bootcamps will be running at bedok reservoir park, Heartbeat Bedok, East coast park, Tampines Central park and Our Tampines Hub, but if there are any areas or locations that you want us to conduct please feel free to contact and propose to us! Each sessions will be 45 mins consisting of our warm up, workout, cool down and stretching! Few minutes spare time for questions and chats


$ 240 12 Sessions

Basic Fundamental Movement Skills

– Such as running, throwing, catching, kicking, bouncing, skipping and leaping.


Bodyweight Exercises

– Push Up, Sit up, Jumping jacks, Squats & Lunges


HIIT workout

– Metafit, Metapwr, Metapro SAQ


Fun and Interactive Games

– Soccer, Potato Sack Rack, How low can you go, Catch the tail on the Dragon, mini obstacle race, Freeze Tag, Musical Chair

Why Your Child Should Join Our Training

As your child grows and becomes more active, he starts to learn through movements. Learning how to move is crucial for a child’s development and optimal functioning as it shifts dependency on others to eventual independence. It also helps the child develop the necessary mobility skills for navigating through the physical environment. This is the most natural way for a young child to learn about himself or herself, others and surroundings. Hence, learning to move and learning through movement contribute to the cognitive, psychomotor, physical and effective development of the child. The early years of rudimentary and fundamental motor development provide the foundation upon which all other movements and sports skills are built. Positive early movement and play experiences can enhance the quality of a child’s life and influence decisions about life-long recreational and sporting pursuits. Children have a natural urge to move and if given the appropriate opportunities and encouragement, can reap immense benefits from being physically active and fit.

Develop motor skills

Regular exercise helps your child to develop their motor skills, range from large movement such as walking and kicking to small movement like writing and tying shoelaces. Our fitness bootcamp is designed to help them to improve their overall motors skills.

Help Cognitive Functions

Regular exercise helps to stimulate brain growth and boost cognitive performance, helping them to focus better and making it easier for them to learn. In addition, exercise is known to improve mood, now this explains why kids who exercise learn better.

Build Confidence

Exercise helps your child build confidence, helping him better communicate and interact with others. As they value the effort required for them to perform better during exercises, it helps them to become more confident and persistent in following their goals.

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Meet The Trainer

Coach Kidd has been in the fitness industry since 2007 and founded Smile Swimmers, the pioneer in Infant and Toddlers swimming classes. His extensive experience in teaching group exercise classes such as kickboxing, aerobic classes and working with Amore Fitness, Health Promotion Board makes him the perfect trainer to help you achieve your fitness goal. 

It has always been his passion to train, teach and guide anyone who is not just looking to lose weight but also aim to transform themselves to be fitter, stronger and faster version of him/her. He will do as much as he can to make each individual reach its optimum results!


  • Certified Aerobics Instructor & Fitness Instructor (by Singapore Sports Council)
  • Certified Personal Trainer by FISAF (Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness)
  • MetaFit™ , MetaPwr™ and MetaPRO™ instructor
  • Fundamental movement skills (FMS) certification for kids

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