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If our training venue or time doesn’t fit your schedule, then let us fit into your schedule! Hiring a personal trainer might be the best idea. We will find the perfect trainer for you to meet your fitness needs and help you attain your goals! Looking to lose weight, gain muscle, be more athletic, regardless of your fitness goals, we have the perfect trainer for you. We will come to your desired time, place and even days as we are your dedicated trainers!

You will have weighing sessions every end of package , and fitness test to see if you have been working hard and really want to change your life!

How to get started

Before commencing the first training, you are required to complete your par q forms and attain doctor’s approval letter to confirm that you are fit to start training. If you need assistance regarding any injury we will be happy to refer you to our physiotherapists before you commence your training.

Why Personal Training?

Busy Schedule

Your timing doesn’t work with other group classes. Train at your desire place, time and day with personal training.

Lack of Attention

You did not get enough attention and guidance in a group class setup. With personal training, you get the full attention of your trainer to correct your form etc.

Lack of Progress

You feel that you are not anywhere near your desired fitness goal. With a dedicated fitness trainer, you will be achieving your fitness goal in no time.

Choose your plan

Trial Class

Get Started For Newbies
$ 80 Per Class

10 Sessions

Regain Your Fitness

20 Sessions

Get In Shape

Each package is valid for a specific period of time from the date of purchase. Please note that our sessions are non-refundable, but you may transfer it to someone who would love to train with us.

Get Started With A Trial Class

Your journey to a fitter, leaner and stronger body starts here. Become the better version of yourself today!

Coach Kidd

Coach Kidd has been in the fitness industry since 2007 and founded Smile Swimmers, the pioneer in Infant and Toddlers swimming classes. His extensive experience working with Amore Fitness, Health Promotion Board makes him the perfect trainer to help you achieve your fitness goal. 

It has always been his passion to train, teach and guide anyone who is not just looking to lose weight but also aim to transform themselves to be fitter, stronger and faster version of him/her. He will do as much as he can to make each individual reach its optimum results!


  • Certified Aerobics Instructor & Fitness Instructor (by Singapore Sports Council)
  • Certified Personal Trainer by FISAF (Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness)
  • MetaFit™ MetaPRO™ MetaPwr™ instructor

Coach Sarita

Coach Sarita have been in Singapore’s fitness industry for more than a year. Her background in fitness and competitive cheerleading in Finland, gives her the edge and experience when comes to fitness coaching. She is a qualified and certified FISAF personal trainer and Group trainer, also a METAFIT & METAPRO advanced coach.

Equipped with vast knowledge and skills, Coach Sarita would like to coach and inspire people from all woks of life, to help and change people’s lives through fitness and encouragement.


  • Certified Personal Trainer by FISAF (Federation of International Sports, Aerobics and Fitness)
  • MetaFit™ MetaPRO™ MetaPwr™ instructor

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