Lifesaving program

Are you concerned with water safety in public, private swimming pools or open sea?

Whether you are searching for a lifeguard to watch over your resident or organization’s swimming pools or a lifesaving course instructor to coach your children on how to become a lifesaver, Lifeguard Singapore is your best service provider.

We strive to prevent drowning incidents in condominium pools and seaside areas through the promotion of lifesaving skills to the general public. Our comprehensive lifesaving courses, certified by the Singapore Life Saving Society, equip individuals with the knowledge and techniques needed to perform aquatic rescues. Our students, who can become either full-time or part-time lifeguards, contribute to the safety of the swimming community. Lifesaving is an essential skill in Singapore, not only for personal safety but also for building self-confidence, physical and mental endurance, and a respect for human lives. Join us in our mission to save lives and become a certified lifesaver today.”